Start To Finish

PERFECT for multi-passionates and creative people with lots of ideas who struggle with getting things off the ground and/or completing what they start.

Plan and Build Your Offer Without STRESS and Anxiety!

Fasten up and get ready to take your content creating to the next level with simple, methodical actions steps you can apply ongoing. I created this course so you could effectively plan and map out from simple to complex ideas and offers in such way it doesn't trigger overwhelm and panic!

After all, your tribe is waiting but they can't wait forever!

Having too many ideas is actually a great problem to have. Not having ideas is worse. I'm just guessing as think-outside-the-mainstream box creative myself, your challenge is sticking with what you start and seeing it through. Right?

Well, how PERFECT then because, Start To Finish is all about getting your products and services out there in record time in an authentic and thoughtful way!

I know creating content can be overwhelming.

I understand it's hard work.

I empathize with the emotional ebb and flow.

AND I bet you're feeling frustrated because you want to get on with it and start making money! Without chasing the next shiny object because, you're not sure what to do, how to do it or you fear missing out on the next perfect thing to solve ALL your challenges. Enough with that! 

This mini-training is deep and foundational and designed to help you develop a practice of planning, outlining and reverse engineering your work into completion! The steps in this training can be used repeatedly for any offer or specific content or project you want to get out into the world!

It's not going to solve ALL your business challenges. There isn't a course out there that does, especially for the price BUT, how would it feel to actually Start Build and FINISH one of the projects you started months ago OR maybe never got off the ground because you're overwhelmed with ideas, analysis paralysis and afraid you'll waste time if it doesn't work?

It always comes down to choice!

If you don't get your content out there and start connecting with people you'll never make money, right?

Meanwhile, your business is actually costing you money every month so, why not GIFT yourself a real shot at operating like a pro?

WE ALL START SOMEWHERE!  I've worked with and know several women who literally started with $40-$97 offers and with the investment of FB ads, their businesses have flourished relatively fast. But, you have to get that ONE golden nugget you really feel JAZZED about, out there IF you want to succeed.

I'm just guessing you've invested in a few courses that didn't deliver as promised or meet your needs and I've been there myself. 

Business support and services shouldn't put Women in the RED! Obviously, if you want to succeed you do need to invest. I understand how challenging it can be and how devastating it is when you're not making progress or money in your business! That's why I want to help as many women, like you, as possible!

What's crazy is building something from Start To Finish isn't this mysterious process but, we get in our own way with overthinking, excessive ideas and lose momentum to distractions.

The steps in this kick-ass mini course won't make your brain hurt but they will help you get crystal clear about how to carefully plan and execute your idea.

Complete this Mini-Course with a launch ready product in place to map out your marketing strategy and take flight. You can get it done in one weekend if you commit to the work! 

I walk you through each step with specific action-centric questions to help you make the important decisions needed when creating content to build your list or sell. We make it a lot harder on ourselves than it needs to be.

When you answer the right questions in a specific order, it's a lot easier to make decisions, map out the detailed steps and actually prioritize your action steps on a schedule that suits the time you have available to make steady progress.

In this no B.S. get it done training you'll learn:
  • How To Plan Build & FINISH Your Offer in Record Time!
  • Get your products and services out there and start making sales
  • Enjoy 8 short videos with effective steps for steady progress
  • Adapt a Sustainable System For Future Products & Offers
  • Includes Classroom Q & A (for limited time)

I really put my heart and soul into this course because, I also wanted to set an example for women just getting started or those who are ready to do more than post on social media. You'll have the additional benefits of seeing how the structure of building an offer or course works and all the pieces that come into play to make it happen. Honestly, I've not seen ANY other course online for $50 that provides this level of deep experiential training focused on real-time results! It's a WIN/WIN all around!

It's time to jump off the fence, trust you gut and take action!

Click the button Purchase Offer Button to signup now!

I'll see you in the classroom to answer any questions!