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"The action steps helped me to stop, think and focus on what areas I am resisting and then figure solutions and actionable steps to press through it. Because my art is my business, I realized that I do not allow myself to just be an artist anymore. The steps were easy to follow and now it's not so overwhelming to push past blocks that I have!"

Melissa Fernandez
Wild Earth Spirit - Artist, Teacher, Storyteller

"The value I received from this class has REALLY blown me away. It was clear, distilled, focused and to-the-point. There was no extraneous materials, which really helped keep the focus on the here and now, especially given the subject we tackled! Teresa is an amazing but caring ninja! She delivers the content in her calm and reassuring voice, explaining these patterns and cutting through them with complete honesty and candor. She communicates how these patterns can develop, in detail— and what we can do NOW, to control them. I thought I was pretty self-aware before taking the course, but I learned some new things about myself and my own patterns that were very eye-opening! I feel MORE in the driver’s seat now, when it comes to facing my own resistance. I will refer to this material over and over again. Thank you, Teresa!! "

Kathy Weller
Licensed Artist, Graphic Designer

"Shift Resistance course, provided manageable steps that help see how/why resistance occurs and how to break through. I identified specific fears and blocks associated with resistance and how I can be easily distracted. I just need to get out of my own way! I now have a checklist of my own to recognize resistance 'strategy' (e.g. Procrastinating/ using distractions like social media) and what I can do to take action. Small steps are still progress and I take that on board."

Cathryn Reade
Youth Guidance Counselor, Artist

"It sounds a little "tough": breaking through resistance- but it felt gentle in the tone, very self accepting- gentle enough to let go of resistance by accepting and finding where it lies, not just blasting past. It also reminded me that resistance is something we all deal with. The course was business based but, could apply to other things like art studies or other "goals" or paths- relationship, etc. In general, I was afraid that a coach would "take over " in a way that would feel invasive or even offensive but while you are dynamic, smart as a whip and effective, it really seems that that dynamic doesn't come up! There is a self- knowing that this course gives you. An awareness."

Laura Volpintesta
Fashion Illustration & Design Instructor, Jazz Vocalist


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