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Celebrating Women Forging Their Own Freedom Path

Chrissy Marquardt, WP Developer & Business Strategist said...

I felt very stuck in this circle of paralyzed fear and indecision. I really had no ideal client in mind or a target audience, and my business was not prospering. I almost gave up. Teresa, helped me to define my passions in a way that blended well with my personality. After doing an intensive private program with her, I have a crystal clear picture of my ideal customer, and a steady book of business!"


 Hope Seavers, Founder of Phenomenal Phoenix said...

"I had been following your comments for a few weeks on FB groups. I knew that I needed a coach and I have been following some of the bigger name coaches for a few years. The programs that the bigger named coaches have are great, but as a new business owner I knew that I needed more personalized attention.

Teresa, you had everything I was looking for and my intuition said yes! I loved our experience together!! I received great clarity and “permission” to let go of the way I had been trying to do things. I also received very clear action steps to take me from point A to B to C and beyond. You are straight forward and loving.

Additionally, you exceeded my expectations in how you deliver your service. You don’t follow a pre-set model, you do what works best for the relationship between you and your client. And, as a single working mom, I appreciate that you opened your schedule on the weekend to accommodate me! You are very gifted in the way you “see” your clients! You are truly a mama’s coach and you honor that sacred role."


Melissa Fernandez, Founder Wild Earth Spirit-Creative Healing Arts Coach said...

"I felt unsure what my next approach in my business would be since I'm transitioning from brick & mortar to a possible online biz. I was hoping to get some direction and also some validation or clarity on the projects that are currently in the works to get my work online. You listened with heart. The most important thing that came through for me was voicing where my weak spots were in my business. This helped me to see the areas that I can begin to nurture and learn from. I feel motivated to look at my business through a new lens and I'll be focusing on getting the true message without the fluff! I'm excited and clear. I also got a sense of my true value in what I'm putting into my offerings, which is something I don't think I've allowed myself to experience."



Vivian Bidwell, Aspiring Entrepreneur said...

"I was feeling stuck. I felt like I had tried everything possible and I was getting nowhere. It was really frustrating and demotivating. I wanted to discover how I could move forward and figure out what kind of business I could create based on current skills and natural talents.

Now that I am clear on the vision for my business, I need to take a step back and break it down to baby steps. Starting with creating a clear vision of my ideal client and how I can help them and also understanding why I want to do this, what is that thing that will keep me going in tough times is my next goal.

I feel empowered like I've been given back control over my life and destiny. I'm just over the moon with the whole experience and the synchronicity we had. This was a powerful session and I can't wait to have more."



Cynthia Mayfield, Younique Rep. & Business Success Coach said...

  "I felt uncertain about how to build on my membership site. I didn't know which steps to take first after I began building the site. I didn't understand the navigation or how it all worked. I felt frustrated and had walked away from it to gain an understanding of how the platform worked. 

The experience was delightful. You were understanding of technical difficulties and you had such an enthusiasm for meeting with me. I gained insight into some baby steps I need to be taking and assurance that the frustration I was experiencing was not just due to my own inabilities. I was given insight into how I could do things better. I have taken the time to step back to consider my options and my future offerings. I feel much better than I did prior to working with you. I know I am not alone and you can offer assistance."


Janet Kafadar, Online Course Design Specialist said...

"Prior to working together I was feeling really confused and conflicted about what I should do in my business and how I should move forward. I was really struggling to get clarity about what I should do and really needed a sounding board to help me think straight. I wanted to get a fresh perspective on how I could move forward in my business. Being 'in' my business, I'm too close to it to see what I need to do, where I can make improvements or changes. I had brainstormed what I wanted and what direction I want to take my business in and how. But still wasn't too sure. I knew I had to make some serious adjustment to my business and lifestyle but couldn't work out how I could do that.

I feel so much clearer about the direction of my business and how I want to feel. I've spent so much time putting my business first and putting my own self care last. Now I know the business I really want.

I couldn't think of a better person to help me at a time when I needed clarity the most. You said we should have a deeper conversation about my situation and it was a no brainer. You showed me that I need to put myself first, set better boundaries with my existing clients and gave me some direction about how I need to tailor my business to my lifestyle going forward. I'm going to implement everything straight away.



Jessica Bentson, Happy Parent & Toddler Facilitator

"I felt really lost and lacking clarity about what to focus on, what next steps to take. I felt really insecure about my business and the services I offer.

My goal was to gain clarity and direction about what next steps to take in my business and I also had the goal of figuring out what services to offer.

I followed all the big name internet marketers and felt pretty lost about what I needed to be doing. I watched webinar after webinar and bought course after course.

Talking with Teresa was soothing and affirming. It helped me see how far I have come in my business all on my own and showed me really clear steps that I can take to make some big positive changes. She also pointed out some things I've been doing to sabotage myself.

Teresa asked me questions that really helped me to explore how I serve others. I was able to see very clearly how I have been not valuing what I do. I gained clarity about how I am able to help people. 

I have actionable steps that I can put in my planner and get them done with confidence that I am on the right track. I am getting ready to get on Periscope for the first time. I am preparing my topics. I am thinking about what kind of content to post on Facebook. I am going to create boundaries in my fb group in my paid program. I feel peace of mind. I feel calm and collected and like a mama on a mission. I have a path laid out before me."



Rita Ester, Marketing Strategist & Graphic Designer said... 

"I had an amazing session with Teresa. She not only helped me get a clearer vision of what my next moves are but, she also helped me see things about myself that I should value more. We all take our own skills and gifts for granted (and assume everyone else can do it just as well as we can) and Teresa helped me see my unique gifts and how I can help others with them. I highly recommend Teresa. She over delivered for sure!"



Gracie Ruth, Social Media Strategist & Visual Content Creator said...

"I learned that there is so much more I can offer my clients. I need to share my story more and reflect my passion for storytelling with images. I feel more confident that my website reflects my brand message. Teresa helped me see where I can leverage my extensive career and business experiences to empower my business. I know I will be successful. Thank you very much, Teresa!"




Heather Santo, Founder of VA Geek said...

"The goal of the meeting was to end the disjointed feeling that I was having as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and find a way to meld them together.

I had tried to incorporate the two ideas together but it wasn't solidified in my own head.

You had taken the time to investigate me and my business before we worked together, which really made me feel like I was important and that our time together really mattered to you as well. The call helped me to release some of the chains and labels that other people had placed on my type of business. It was a sense of empowerment to be able to see the big pictures. I am going to make some changes to my tagline, copy and website that are more reflective of who I am and what I offer. I feel a sense of empowerment and ownership over the type of business that I want to run. "


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