Have you ever felt like you didn't fit in?

For many years, I tried to conform to the expectations of others, and mask my sensitivity with a tough-chick persona.

I was much younger at the time but that cycle of behavior led me to second guess who I was and question my worthiness...until I realized I wasn't hanging with the right people. I needed people in my life who valued my emotional intelligence for it's depth and realness. People who could empathize with the quest to sort through childhood pain, heal and feel whole. 

We all have a story and I'd like to learn more about yours!

I'm Teresa, by the way.

A California native, midlife warrior and proud mom.

I believe in Women speaking their Truth with a healthy side of humor. Because, JOY is necessary to shoulder the rough edges of life so we can Welcome the change we desire. 

Today's Midlife WOMEN are entering the gateway of (another) significant change in the evolution of our Equality.

WE have the opportunity to break old patterns and stigmas around being Women In Midlife, that our mother's didn't and help cement new narratives - for future generations.

Welcome to the 21st Century, Midlife Revolution!

I consider myself a come-back Woman, relentlessly determined to continue growing and evolving through my life.

I THRIVE WITH (SELF-Initiated) CHANGE. What about YOU?

As women, we don't have to give up everything we are to be great moms. In fact, it's an important model that our kids SEE us doing what makes us happy as parents. That they see us taking chances, overcoming obstacles and staying true to who we are! This is a powerful life example for our kids to grow on.

After being a working Mom through my sons formidable years, a milestone birthday forced me to face the reality I'd lost my identity and connection to my art and self-expression. Maintaining 'status quo' and the daily grind consumed me and left me feeling tired and sad about my life.

The woman I saw in the mirror had so much more to give and experience than the day-to-day life I was living - just to pay the bills. That was the moment I decided to make a dramatic change. So, I left my executive assistant position of eleven years and hit the ground running for a fresh start! 

In the first few years of developing my business, I became obsessed with learning digital marketing and social media. In many ways, I worked harder than I ever have in my life, tirelessly consuming content, webinars, taking prestigious marketing programs, learning about technology, plugins, branding, copy writing and the list goes on.


Since then, I've helped a variety of specialty and creative entrepreneurs, from complete starters to six-figure earners and ambitious DIY-entrepreneurs, get their content and systems on a steady income track.


I'm fired up about helping WOMEN in transition who want to forge their own unique income path or side hustle.

I believe *communication is the pulse of business*

Though I consider myself a quintessential multi-passionate, who loves to paint, sew, make jewelry AND play drums, writing is my true love. The power of communication has motivated and inspired me since grade school.


I define 'business' as a Holistic endeavor with your

  • HEART - skills, creativity and passion
  • SOUL - deeper why and mission and
  • BUSINESS Tools and Systems you need to operate

I genuinely care about your success and I'm very proud, of the fabulous women I've been fortunate to work with.


"Teresa really helped to open my eyes and see what I HAVE accomplished and see myself and my business ("my baby") with so much renewed love and sense of all I have built, so far — and where it can go!  Also, as a mom, I love working with a coach that understands that part of my experience. I really needed support around — what do I want, who do I really want to reach, what do I want to say? What's getting in the way of that clarity and blocking the flow. I'm so glad I got this support and let it happen! "

-Laura Volpintesta, Founder Fashion Illustration Tribe

If you’re multi-passionate too, I bet you thrive with constant change and fresh ideas — but are challenged with focus and completing what you start. Does that sound like you?

Building a personal brand comes with deeper mindset challenges. You might get overwhelmed with tech how-to's, the pressure of earning or incorporating multiple passions into something people actually want and will pay for. I get it!

You may have doubts because someone told you that your idea wouldn't work.

These challenges are normal and with clear planning and consistent action, you will gain momentum and start earning money in your business.


What if you could have someone review your business and help you develop your ideas into a concrete strategy that feels good, is relatable to your ideal customers AND monetizes?

I care about helping you build a business foundation rooted in deeper clarity, sensible planning and deliberate action whether you're just getting started or ready to take your business to the next level. 

Clarity begins with conversation but, ACTION is the ONLY WAY to change! Book your face-to-face Discovery Call with me to discuss the one goal that's keeping you at night. 

Stop losing sleep!

And Get On With Your Life!

I can't wait to meet with you soon…