I often say, "You're not crazy, you're Multi-Passionate!"

What about YOU - Are you an ambitious, creative entrepreneur, too?

Hello and Welcome,

I'm Teresa Capaldo, but you can call me T.

I’m a highly sensitive empath and I won't apologize for it! I believe in feeling all the feels and softening life's edges with humor. Consider me a "what you see, is what you get" kinda woman. I'm all about living in ‘process’ and evolving with art as my anchor. Are you an artist, too?

We all come from somewhere and a few years back and after a milestone birthday, with a heavy heart I realized I wasn’t living as desired. In the process of being a working Mom, I lost touch with my creativity and identity. I felt unhappy, stopped dreaming big and stepping outside my comfort zone. I lost my way and my forties, too!

The woman I saw in the mirror had so much more to give and experience than the day-to-day life I was living just to pay the bills. That was the moment I decided to make a dramatic change.

In the first 2 years of my journey, I immersed myself in creative courses, took my first trip to Ontario, Canada for an intensive with a soul art shaman, attended Marie Forleo’s B-school conference in NYC and World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. I enrolled in a few iconic online marketing programs with eagerness to learn and make a fresh start. Talk about, hitting the ground running!

Through coaching mid-life women in transition, I realized my passion for tech and social media. Now, I combine my life and professional experience with digital tools and artistic flair to help ambitious doers who want to start or up-level their unique personal brand.


I'm fired up about WOMEN creating their own unique path to financial freedom!


I've experienced my share of challenges with over-thinking and analysis paralysis; I understand the emotional dynamic many creatives feel. I created Heart Soul and Biz™ to help ambitious soulful coaches and specialty brands, convert their passion into strategic action and results.

I define 'business' as a Holistic endeavor with your

  • HEART - (your skills, creativity & passion)
  • SOUL - (your deeper why & mission)
  • +BUSINESS Tools & Systems to reach your goals!

    I genuinely care about your success and I'm very proud, of the fabulous women I've been fortunate to work with.

"Teresa really helped to open my eyes and see what I HAVE accomplished and see myself and my business ("my baby") with so much renewed love and sense of all I have built, so far — and where it can go!  Also, as a mom, I love working with a coach that understands that part of my experience. I really needed support around — what do I want, who do I really want to reach, what do I want to say? What's getting in the way of that clarity and blocking the flow. I'm so glad I got this support and let it happen! " -Laura Volpintesta, Founder Fashion Illustration Tribe

If you’re multi-passionate too, I bet you thrive with constant change and fresh ideas — but are challenged with focus and completing what you start. Does that sound like you?

Building a personal brand comes with deeper mindset challenges. You might get overwhelmed with tech how-to's, the pressure of earning or incorporating multiple passions into something people actually want and will pay for. I get it!

You may have doubts because someone told you that your idea wouldn't work.

These challenges are normal and with clear planning and consistent action, you will gain momentum and start earning money in your business.


What if you could have someone review your brand and help you develop your ideas into a concrete strategy that feels good, translates well in the world AND monetizes.

That’s what I care about!

Building a foundation rooted in deeper clarity, sensible planning and deliberate action is essential whether you're starting or ready to take your business to the next level.  My passion is to help you achieve that.

Heart Soul and Biz™ is my Legacy. As a renaissance woman in this modern era of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, I know the worst thing you can do is waste time in self-doubt, questioning your worthiness, readiness, and enough-ness. I’m on a mission to help women determine what they want and go after it with fierce ambition, clarity AND a solid foundation rooted in confident planning and tools.

What brings you here? Don't be shy. I always say “clarity begins with conversation. Whether you’re brand new or ready to up-level, NOW is the time to take action. Book your free discovery call with me and let’s brainstorm about your bold idea! I promise it will be FUN + Insightful.

This is YOUR moment — and it’s time you OWN IT, CLAIM IT and MAKE IT WORK!

Find a time slot that works for you here.

Together, let’s show the world what women can do when they commit to claiming life on their terms! 

I can't wait to meet with you soon…