One of the biggest hurdles for women business owners is actually being visible and sharing who they are and what they do.
I don’t know any women who doesn’t appreciate a sincere compliment. One of the most touching compliment's I've received, came from the woman I did my first podcast with in 2013, who said this... 

"Teresa is a regular woman in her daily life, married, with a teenage son; but Teresa has a lot to offer behind that sweet presence. She has a will of steel, covered with velvet.”  ~Patricia Calderon

Hey there, I'm Teresa but you can call me T. I'm a California native living in the gorgeous bay area with my husband, our son and two cats.

Every woman has a story. I've certainly experienced my own tribulations and consider myself a come-back-woman. Relentlessly using life's rough edges to strengthen - rather than repel me, with decades of practice.

More than ever, women have the opportunity to break old patterns and stigma around creating our own financial freedom, which generations before us didn't have.

Throughout my life, I’ve invested in personal development, self-care and continued education. Though I consider myself a quintessential multi-passionate, who loves to paint, make jewelry and play drums, writing is my true love.
As an ‘old school’ feminist, the movement towards equality is just as exciting for me now, as it was through my high school years in the 1970’s.

I value 'street smarts' as much as education. In this era of handheld devices, you don't need a degree to successfully operate your own business. That said, I do believe it's important the foundation of your business is structured with strategic income earning goals! 

Today, we have the power to help cement new narratives for future generations! 

After 'working for the man' for decades, turning half a century incentivized renewing my life. The timing was perfect as my son entered his teen years and I wanted to be more present at home. 
While developing my business, I became obsessed with learning about digital marketing. Through multiple programs, online education and clients, I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, at a time when my midlife counterparts typically plan their retirement.
The women I work best with are Specialty service-based business owners. From complete starters to seasoned solo-founders who recognize they need outside support to move forward with a clear business strategy and earning plan. Every client is approached with their unique business offers, goals and challenges in mind in stead of a one-fits-all blueprint.

I help women overcome the emotional hurdles of being self-employed in the 21st Century, by advocating daily self-care. I also stress the importance of setting achievable expectations and time management.

My goal is to help women build a business foundation rooted in deeper clarity, sensible planning and deliberate action. Whether you're done with bootstrapping your business and ready to get serious about defining a real business model OR you know you need outside help to align your offers, customers, desired lifestyle and goals...

I'm here to help you Get On Track!

With clear planning and consistent action, you can achieve momentum towards sustainable earning in your business.

Clarity begins with conversation and action will move your vision forward!

Book your face-to-face Discovery Call with me to discuss the one business challenge keeping you at night. 

Let's get to it! 



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