Does Your Business Reflect You?

When YOU are your BRAND and you provide service for others, you should expect periodic phases where change is needed. You might change what you value, believe in, talk about and care about. AND you'll likely change your business goals, objectives and maybe embark on an adventure of multiple interests to see what sticks!

Your business is much more than a logo, fonts and tagline! In fact, while brand identity is important, the products and services you're putting out into the world are the ultimate factor in helping your customers get results!

If you feel out of alignment and *the work* starts to feel draining, that's a RED FLAG you need to STOP and take time to investigate WHY!  This cycle is something I've experienced a few times and each time, I needed to change my business, not just my branding.

If you truly want to share your deeper purpose, you have to accept you might change your mind and heart about your business. It's actually...

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