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Your audience doesn't exist on social media 24/7-365. They are at the grocery store, mall, local garden center, farmers market, parks and busy with life in your immediate and outer community.

When you start connecting your business with your immediate community, you'll quickly see how many potential customers are out there. It's good to have a few business cards on hand when you're out and about. You just never know when you'll meet the next client or customer. Stay open to what's possible without limiting beliefs!

You might offer services that can be used by local businesses if you're a strategist, photographer, graphic artist, web developer, copy editor or other service-based industry. A friend of mine has a successful local Holistic Chiropractic practice, which she started a decade ago. More recently, she began offering online training for moms who want to learn holistic alternatives for family wellness.

Research Facebook for your local city using search words like "Your city + business groups" to see what's out there. I recently found a local group on Facebook with over 4,000 small business members within 20 miles. After joining a few groups and researching members social media pages, I realized many could use my help. All I have to do initially is create a thoughtful post introducing myself, share about my services and let people know how to reach me. You can do this without being spammy and really make a strong impression. What if someone in a group has a friend who needs your services? You got it! It's up to you to let people know how you can help them and invite them to learn more about your services.

By investing your time in research and thinking outside the box, you'll increase your potential for multiple income streams. I created this FREE pdf workbook to help you find your ideal customers step by step. You'll also learn how to repurpose existing content to save time and extend your reach on different social platforms.  

CREATE opportunities for people to work with you on and OFF line. Don't get tunnel vision when it comes to offering your products and services. Remember to grab your free workbook here



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