White Hot Truth Inspiration

Danielle LaPorte's White Hot Truth book signing event at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco in June, was wonderful. On the one hand, I wish I had more photos to share but, it wasn't that kind of event. It was the kind of event you ideally want to be 'present' for, not fidgeting with your iPhone to capture and share later...if you get my drift. I was there for the experience in real time. Bragging rights, I've had the fortune of meeting Danielle three times now and every experience has been uplifting and fun. 

(With Danielle, in NYC at Marie Forleo's B-School Conference in 2012)


My beautiful friend Laurie teaches NIA movement and dance. I met her recently in a FB Group and was thrilled to find out she lived just a bit North of me. Laurie kindly offered to drive so, I got to relax and enjoy seeing how the city's changed since I lived there. If you've ever been to San Francisco, you know it can be confusing getting from one place to the next. We got lost finding the parking garage and ended up walking about 1/4 mile mostly straight up hill to the event. I was reminded of my youthful self in the 80's and 90's because I walked everywhere, everyday. It was a great time in my life for sure.

Laurie and I met some wonderful attendees in a line of mostly women that swerved around the front entrance steps to the Cathedral. Imagine selling out to a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people who hustled to get to your live gig! That's dreaming BIG!

Each attendee was greeted by Danielle's team and 2 copies of White Hot Truth, included in the (budget-friendly) ticket price. It's available right here check it out! Danielle is one of few influencers you'll ever see me promote (links are not affiliate by the way) and that's because, I have very high standards for promoting other people's content and she has proven herself over 5 years to consistently bring integrity and care to everything she creates, with great generosity and inclusivity in her pricing and live events. Her success is self-made and she does it with a high level of professionalism and soulful exuberance. 

The Cathedral itself is something to see simply from an Architectural aspect. So, if you ever visit San Francisco, add THIS to your list!

My inspirational takeaway from the White Hot Truth event is simple;

Give Yourself Permission To Have More Light In Your Life!

Here's some examples:

-maybe you don't really need Six or Seven figure money goals and you can start with smaller goals towards less stress.

-maybe you're striving for more quality time with your kids and enough extra cash for a fun vacation or trip once a year.

-maybe you need a part-time job you don't take home with you so you have time pursue your creative/artistic interests or focus on your health and wellbeing with more breathing space.

-maybe you have too many business ideas and it's time to really hone in on your focus and niche' with support to help you map out your strategy.

-maybe you need to give yourself permission to decide what you thought you wanted isn't actually it and change direction without holding feelings of guilt, shame or loss of time & money.

-maybe it's time to think about your strategy and more effective ways to generate income in your business so you're not chained to the computer 24/7-365? 

Do any of the examples hit home for you? I'd love to hear what your permission Declaration is. What do you want to shift in your life to create more LIGHT?

Drop me a note here anytime.





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