Shift Resistance and Blocks

Ready to bring some joy and clarity into your life and business? How will you accomplish ONE task you've been avoiding or resisting to move another step or two closer to your ultimate goal? What will it take to get out of your own way.

Be honest without judging yourself.

If you struggle with RESISTANCE or blocks, it's time to break the cycle, stop struggling and get out of your own way. I created a deep & powerful mini-course to help creatives like you QUICKLY understand your triggers and consequences of Resistance and Teach you how to reverse engineer your Resistance into inspired Action! Sound good?


Kathy Weller, Licensed Artist & Graphic Designer

"The value I received from this class REALLY blew me away. It was clear, distilled, focused and to-the-point. There was no extraneous materials, which really helped keep the focus on the here and now, especially given the subject matter. I feel MORE in the driver's seat now, when it comes to facing my own resistance. I will refer to this material over and over again. Thank you, Teresa!"


Like any self-help empowerment training, you'll experience improvement with continuous practice. This mini training was created to help you cut through analysis-paralysis, excessive self-critiquing and fear of being visible.

Zoom in the lens to your own unique patterns of resistance. Use your awareness to transform old patterns into alignment with your Actions and Goals! Learn to hone in on the cause of blocks, trust your instincts and hit the ground running with clarity and confidence.

This training helps you bridge the gap between resistance and your deep desire for inspired actions to build momentum. You'll learn to help illuminate the hidden triggers and habitual behaviors that prevent us from taking action and making money!

Enjoy this unique Heart Soul and Biz™ foundational training which you can complete the training in 1-hour and refer back to as often as needed. This 60-minute mini-course is only $50. (U.S.) and comes with a pdf workbook for quick reference. I've not heard of OR experienced anything like it and that's why I created it!

Watch this short video for more details then signup and get started. I'll see you on the other side.


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