Mindset Power

Mindset is important to everyday life and like learning to cook, paint or an alternative healing art, requires practice. To become part of our daily life, we actually have to consciously apply the tools behind it.

Let's break it down:

What is Mindset?
-voice inside your head
-things we tell ourselves
-critic self-talk


Why is Mindset important?
-it informs our emotions, behavior and energy
-how we think about ourselves is what we project
-how we think informs our actions and decisions
-our actions and decisions directly relate to goals and outcome


What is Right Mindset?
-Right mindset is the ability to have negative thoughts and quickly
reset or reconfigure them into useful, positive, productive state-of-mind.
-It’s about taking the emotion out of the equation for Objective reasoning. Without negating how you FEEL!
-having the intention to find solutions rather than worry
-trusting in yourself to tackle challenges rather than allow them to hold you back.


Why the right Mindset matters in business?
-decisions have to be made everyday
-overcome mental challenges to stay focused
-right mindset is the quiet power we need to persevere
-it’s a necessary tool for success and personal growth


How do I develop the right Mindset?
Like anything it's a matter of PRACTICE, the more you practice the more it becomes your new pattern of behavior.
-Self-Awareness is step one
-notice when you get negative and start to feel over self-critical
-pause, take a deep breath and see if things change
-don't sweat the small stuff, it's NOT worth your time

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The important thing is to get started and take it ONE day at a time.



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