Does Your Business Reflect You?

When YOU are your BRAND and you provide service for others, you should expect periodic phases where change is needed. You might change what you value, believe in, talk about and care about. AND you'll likely change your business goals, objectives and maybe embark on an adventure of multiple interests to see what sticks!

Your business is much more than a logo, fonts and tagline! In fact, while brand identity is important, the products and services you're putting out into the world are the ultimate factor in helping your customers get results!

If you feel out of alignment and *the work* starts to feel draining, that's a RED FLAG you need to STOP and take time to investigate WHY!  This cycle is something I've experienced a few times and each time, I needed to change my business, not just my branding.

If you truly want to share your deeper purpose, you have to accept you might change your mind and heart about your business. It's actually very common.

When your work begins to feel less gratifying, it will reflect in your energy and sales. How to resolve this troubling predicament will consume your headspace until it's resolved. If you're REALLY troubled about your business, the issue is probably NOT your logo!

You might indulge in some FOMO offers, desperate to get yourself back on track. Someone might tell you to change your branding, tagline, photos and even though it will cost a fortune, you do it! After all, you REALLY want to be the success story people admire. 

If you feel like you've hit a wall, before investing in programs, specialty quick-fix tools and rebranding...


Take some quality TIME to completely disengage from socialmedia.

Tend to your health and wellbeing.

Listen within for what you might be avoiding.

Ask yourself WHY it's not working.

Address whatever's needed to clear your path!

Is it time to change your Business Or your brand? Maybe both.

You have the FREEDOM to change your business and your brand at any time and sometimes, that's the only way to find your sweet spot! Remember, you're not a corporation. You make up the rules and that's why you chose to be your own boss!

Investigate whether YOUR BUSINESS is evolving with YOU in addition to examining whether or not your Content/Offers/or Systems need some revising. Many entrepreneurs get hooked on Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) courses and programs, without considering if their business reflects their personal growth.

Give yourself permission to CHANGE Your Mind, Your Business AND Your BRAND!
After all, you're the BOSS!

No one else can define your business or brand. Your business and brand should be a reflection of who you are. Through life experiences and maturity, you will change. Honor that in your work.

Don't base your business and brand on what you SEE other people doing in their business as the PERFECT model for you!

Utilize your FREEDOM to figure out and define what YOUR business model is based on WHO YOU ARE. When you grow and change personally, your business and brand need to reflect that if you want to find your sweet spot and succeed!



Photo: Me in 1982/my old school entrepreneurial days :)


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