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In order to create compelling content it's essential you understand your ideal (dream) client and target audience, first. Knowing your ideal and target audience means understanding what they want and need. It's equally critical to clearly convey the results your audience can anticipate. Talking about features is easy but, benefits and results are what build trust and propel people to buy.

Your content should reflect your knowledge, experience and personal connection to your work. It should demonstrate your intention to help and show you care.

Create memorable content!
Create content with results in mind, for example:
-inspiration or motivation to take action

-simple steps to resolve a problem

-knowledge or experience to learn a new skill or plan something specific

-improved energy and perspective about their life, business or issue

-deeper clarity around their idea, problem, vision or challenge

Think of it this way — You know and have experienced more than the people who haven’t taken the steps you have...yet.

-We always LEARN from people who’ve learned something specific, before us.
-We always TEACH people who want to learn something specific, we already learned.
Make sense?

Ask Your Audience What They Want!

Being ‘expert’ is only necessary if what you want to teach requires expert advice or a degree as with teaching medicine or coding. You can position yourself as ‘expert enough’ based on having experience and/or knowledge your audience doesn’t. This is how you boost your know, like and trust factor and ultimately get conversions.

Content should strategically align with the goal of converting fans and followers into sales. We do this by offering value upfront to build the relationship with each step leading to our call to action to buy. It's not a business if it's not making money -- so you must get comfortable inviting people to buy!

Using this post as an example:
-You learned why creating compelling content matters.
-5 examples of content results.
-The definition of being 'expert enough.'
-Simple examples of HOW to create content.

If you struggle with content creation this straight-talk clarity session will take the guess work out of it!
Another important factor is creating content you can deliver in different forms and this is where repurposing content can be extremely powerful in saving you time, increasing your reach and doing split testing, which I'll cover in another post.

Here's a simple formula to work with:
1. Give value in bite sizes:
make sure it’s palpable enough to have impact
make sure that value is something they want right now!
make the content actions immediate and urgent
make the content actions simple and straight forward

2. Create different types of content and test your audience. For example; video, audio, blog, visual media, challenges, quizzes, surveys, webinars, free discovery calls, group calls, BETA tests (free and low fee), charts and hey use your imagination and creativity here. The sky's the limit! Remember to Ask Your Audience, What They Want!

2. Cross pollinate your content on at least 3 social platforms. For example; Facebook Live, Pinterest or Instagram and Twitter OR Periscope, FB Live and other more visual platform of your choice. Study the data. Watch and learn.

3. Create content with a clear strategy from list building to social shares to trip wires and up-sells. What's your plan? What is your free content warming people up to buy? What will you do to nurture and build the relationship leading to that call to action?

Creating content with real value takes effort. If you want Wins, put your heart soul and a bit of elbow grease into it and don't give up if something doesn't work the first time. Learn from your mistakes, grow and keep going. It's a process! Create content with loyal happy clients in mind!

Resources for you:

Ideal Customer Workbook 

Start To Finish, Content Course



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