Are You Expert Enough?

If you've ever had too many ideas stop you from taking action, I can relate and wrote this for you! It's not an abundance of ideas that prevents us from taking action, though. It's actually OVER-THINKING that prevents us from taking action. Over-thinking causes confusion and because, you're so smart you have an abundance of ideas, why not start with ONE idea and cut yourself some slack! 

We tend to get in our own way, second guessing our value, how and what we can help people with. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could complete ONE thing instead of chipping away at a dozen unfinished projects? It took me FOREVER to finally let go of my super-midlife+-mom-bizpreneur cape for something more basic that keeps my spirits high, my health in tact and my business strategy in tact. And I forgive myself for the time I lost I'll never get back! 

What's true is that you're already 'Expert' Enough to create valuable content!

Think of it this way — You know and have experienced more than the people who haven’t taken similar steps. Which is why you can help them.

-We LEARN from people who’ve learned something specific, before us.

-We TEACH people who want to learn something specific, we learned before them.

So, being ‘expert’ is only necessary if what you're teaching requires expert advice or a degree as with teaching medicine, finance, law or coding, for example.

Want to get clear about your Course Topic? Consider the following important points:
-What is ONE thing you help people with frequently with that you enjoy doing, even if it’s not in your field?
For example, I tend to give lots of detailed feedback around Logos but, I’m not a graphic artist.
I have a good eye for design though and I’m creative.
So, i could actually create a course using the feedback I offer (especially when people tell me they appreciate my honesty and details).
What I’m really doing is pointing out why I believe one Logo works over another — so why not make those simple details into a course?

-What do you talk about relative to your biz that you might take for granted? In other words, what do you hear yourself
sharing about regularly, including with friends that lights you up and inspires you and inspires deep conversation?
That’s a subject for a course. That’s something that other people can grow, learn, benefit from. Maybe it’s a Freebie to build your list.

-Who do you enjoy interacting with?

Who do you WANT to work with in your business? Have you done some research with these people, asked them what would make a difference in their lives, what keeps them up at night, what goals they’d love to accomplish this year if only…?

Here's Your Simple Check List: 
-Brainstorm your course idea with a (Trusted) friend
-Get your thoughts on paper right away
-Outline your idea into 3 Simple Steps: Intro, Information and Actions
-Keep it as simple and succinct as possible, knowing you can expand your idea later.
-Set a deadline to get your First project done from Start to Finish, allowing a little buffer but, not months!
-If you get stuck, exercise, rest, take a break and then get back in the rink — you can’t help people second guessing your value!

Client information is always at our fingertips but, we have to be willing to get out of our own heads, stop over-thinking and LOOK for it on Social Media! Content creation is not about making sh!! up — it’s about helping in ways you already help and know can make a difference to your audience. 

These examples came from tough lessons I’ve learned after getting in my own way. I hope this post saves you time and helps you shift your mindset and bring your ideas to fruition more quickly! 


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