5 Reasons To Focus On Skills Over Passion

Catch phrases online like "follow your heart, or passion and make money" however well intended, can be misleading. Passion alone does not make for a successful business.

Even if you know in your heart and soul you have something really special to offer, making it into something to sell is a deep process. 

What compels people to buy ultimately comes down to whether or not you can convince them you're the perfect solution they've been looking for to help solve their problem.

Spending money is EMOTIONAL. Can you relate?

Whether it's eco-friendly laundry soap or buying a car when we spend money, emotion is a factor in our decision making.

So, when you're thinking about starting or growing a business, knowing your natural SKILLS is equally if not more important to your passion and here's why.

-Your skills are likely something you have extensive experienced doing.

-There's measurable evidence of your achievements and/or success with specific skills.

-Passions can change overnight! You might be really passionate about something for months and then realize it doesn't fit your life anymore. Then what?

-Your passion needs to be something you can prove people will actually pay for.

-Your passion might not solve a problem or challenge for someone else but if you have Skills people need or want to learn, that's something you can market!

What we do BEST and are most skilled at may not be as glamorous or sparkly as our passion idea...


If your skill is something you take pride in and you know it's something other people would like to learn and/or benefit from. If you know it's something you could actually sell because, there's measurable proof people are already paying others for it, why not pursue that in * Your Own Unique Way * and increase your chances of success?

There is only one Oprah, Tony Robbins and You. That's your power! Doing motivational speaking is actually a skill, both Oprah and Robbins happen to be extremely passionate about it.

Passion is important because it feeds our creativity so the combination of Skills, Passion and a proven need people will pay for, is a winning combo to build on.

Here's an exercise to unlock some clarity around potential skills you could turn into income.

1. Take 15-minutes without stopping and write down EVERYTHING you do that you feel confident enough to teach others.

2. Once you have a list of skills, identify which ones you actually really enjoy doing and do with relative ease.

3. Cross out anything you dislike (or hate) doing, except out of necessity for your own life and/or biz.

4. Identify which skills you really enjoy that you might be overlooking as a potential income stream for your business.

Any insights? I'd love to hear! Drop me a quick note here.



"Repetition is the Mother of Skill."

-Anthony Robbins


Skill is the Mother of Passion!



Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash 



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