3 Elements Of Content Creation

There are lots of different ways to approach creating content. If you're self-employed, it's your job to learn the best way for your business and/or modify someone else's to fit you. Alternatively, you might come up with a process all your own. In this post, I share 3 Elements of Content Creation you can use repeatedly.

To start, let's address what content is.

Content is a way of communicating to your (potential) customers that you can relate to their challenges and problems, you understand their needs and you have a viable solution or tips to help or resolve their issue.

Content is the heart and voice of your business and what you stand for as a brand.

Content is the vehicle to help your customers achieve what they want and need and for you to make money. It's no different than going to a restaurant and paying to eat. The restaurant provides you with a product and service, the convenience of someone else doing the cooking and cleaning up the mess afterwards, you pay to have that experience and the time and effort you're spared! Who doesn't LOVE having someone cook for them, even if they have to pay for it. 

When you're the provider of goods and/or products and services, your CONTENT is like the food. Makes sense, right? And just like a chef, your ability to create good, if not GREAT content that helps people achieve their goals AND makes a profit after business expenses requires the use of an effective system. Otherwise, you won't succeed. You won't have customers or a business. 

I'm literally spelling it out this way because, while I'm stating the obvious, the FACT is more people fail with online marketing than succeed, at least the first few years! GULP. Yes, I said that and I've been there and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Had someone spelled things out for me when I started, as I've learned the hard way, my initial business strategy would have been more clear and intentional. I wouldn't have invested in a lot of the courses and programs that I did.

Allow me save you some agony.

The following steps are a simple jumping off point to use and adjust if desired. Try them out and see what works. My intention is to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I got sucked into so you can create content effectively with confidence. 

The 3-S's for Content Creation are; Sincerity, Solutions and Structure in that order.

SINCERITY: Is the root from which your products and services are created and what your Intention is for making X, Y or Z content. WHY you're creating it.

Building Relationships in business is as deep as building personal friendships because, you're ultimately asking people to buy something from you so, TRUST is essential! Since money is an emotional experience for most people, when you are your 'Brand' TRUST must be established in order for people to buy! There's not short-cutting this factor, if your Intention is truly Sincere!

SOLUTIONS: The Minimum and Maximum result your customer can anticipate. When you identify the minimum and maximum solutions people can anticipate, you validate how you can potentially improve or solve their issue. This tells people you can relate to their situation, you understand their needs and can actually help them. Identifying the minimum and maximum solution is key to qualifying your customer as a fit for what you're selling and gives them impetus to buy!

Identifying the minimum to maximum solution is critical to marketing copy and sales.

STRUCTURE: Outlining the structure of your offer or service BEFORE you create it is key to planning content Start To Finish in reasonable turn around time! If you personally don't have a plan to work from to create content, it's nearly impossible to stay on track and actually complete what you start and get it into the hands of your people. When you create content from structure, there's a beginning, middle and end and this is key is minimizing analysis paralysis and over-thinking.

When you identify your Sincerity, your WHY and Intention and are clear about the minimum to maximum Solution your people can anticipate, structuring your content is simply a matter of reverse engineering from Step 1 to completion with a plan. Which I SHOW you how to do in my Start To Finish, mini training.

It really can be THAT simple!

When you are your 'Brand' creating content should be as positive an experience for you, as the people you make it for. Having a system to create content is key and I hope this was helpful. 


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