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There's a lot of steps before you make your first dollar. Mainly, you'll need to be willing to front-load your efforts in order to get crystal clear about your Who, What, Why and How.

After that, it's planning and consistent actions, that bring your ideas and content to fruition.

Foundational building is a lot deeper work than people realize but it's essential.

The entrepreneurial path is not linear and we all get tested along the way.

With patience and a healthy Mindset, anything's possible!

Pride of Ownership

Of course, it's important we take pride in our work and are willing to figure things out because, that pride translates into confidence and confidence is essential to build trust in your products and services. However, being a micro business owner, doesn't mean you have to - or should, do everything yourself! 

Building and running your own business, is a deep long-range process. It requires patience, persistence and an adaptive mindset. If you're feeling stuck and not getting the results you want, this post is for you!

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Experience a shift and grow with your business.

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"I felt very stuck in this circle of paralyzed fear and indecision. I really had no ideal client in mind or a target audience, and my business was not prospering. I almost gave up. Teresa, helped me to define my passions in a way that blended well with my personality. After doing an intensive private program with her, I have a crystal clear picture of my ideal customer, and a steady book of business!"

Chrissy Marquardt
WP Developer & Business Strategist

"The programs that the bigger named coaches have are great, but as a new business owner I knew that I needed more personalized attention. Teresa, you had everything I was looking for and my intuition said yes! I loved our experience together!! you exceeded my expectations in how you deliver your service. You don’t follow a pre-set model, you do what works best for the relationship between you and your client. And, as a single working mom, I appreciate that you opened your schedule on the weekend to accommodate me! You are very gifted in the way you “see” your clients! You are truly a mama’s coach and you honor that sacred role."

Hope Seavers
Intuitive Consultant & Healer

"One thing is for sure - our session refueled my inspiration to love my business, take new inspired actions and actively participate in my business again."

Laura Volpintesta
Founder, Fashion Illustration Tribe

"I learned that there is so much more I can offer my clients. I need to share my story more and reflect my passion for storytelling with images. I feel more confident that my website reflects my brand message. Teresa helped me see where I can leverage my extensive career and business experiences to empower my business. I know I will be successful. Thank you very much, Teresa!"

Gracie Ruth
Visual Content Creator & Social Media Strategist

"I've always gotten stuck in taking my thoughts and putting them on paper. Pinpointing the pain points and feelings of potential clients in words, has eluded me. I have a much better understanding of how to identify with my clients and draw them in. I'm looking at my copy in a different way."

Linda Clay
Intuitive Mentor & Strategist

"Most importantly, now I understand how critical relating my story to my clients is. I feel excited and motivated to start making connections, grow an audience and get clients."

Wendy Rosenthal
Integrative Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

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